Spiritual Readings & Reiki Healings For Those in Need

Divine Messages for You.

Oracle Card Readings

Using her Energy Oracle Cards, Amunta will provide a very intuitive insight into the areas of your life that Spirit wants you to focus on. Areas of Focus sometimes include love, finances, family, relationships, career, and life lessons. Amunta connects with her personal spirit team, ancestors, and the Arch Angel Michael. Amunta will also connect to your spirit team with your permission. A card reading usually is not mediumship, but more so a focus on what has happened in your past, present, and/or future, as well as how the spirits can guide you through different situations, and direct you on your current path. If you would like to connect with a passed loved one, please book one of my 30 or 60 minute readings.

30, 45, or 60 Minute Sessions

Exciting Psychic Mediumship readings for connecting you with passed loved ones, spiritual guides, guardian angels, ancestors, your higher self, or even a past life!

Currently readings are done online through a personal zoom link provided to you before your reading! Your reading is recorded and you will be provided a copy afterwards to keep forever!

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

Reiki Healing Sessions to help increase the energy flow of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, remove blockages, and focus on areas of need.

Exciting News from Amunta’s Healing!

Welcome to my site!

Psychic/ Medium/Healer/Shaman

I am a certified Medium with Psychic abilities and visions. I am also a practicing Shaman, Reiki Master, and Fairyologist! Shamanic Journeying and Reiki Healing are very helpful and I believe everyone can benefit from both!

In addition to Readings, I am now offering Reiki distance and in person healing sessions! Want to learn how to do your own energy healing?
Reiki 1, 2, and Master level Attunements now available!

Coming soon in Winter 2022 I will be offering Shamanic Soul Retrievals! For a more in depth description on how I came into my gifts and got started please watch my welcome video!

My Approach

My approach is to go into all readings relaxed, well protected, and with positive intention for the highest good for my client. Up to 24 hours prior to going into a reading with someone, I connect with my spirit guides to let them know whom I will be reading for. Prior to each reading, I focus on a specific protection meditation and use White Sage in and around my work space, also called Sacred Space. At the beginning of each reading, I guide my client through some deep breathing, a very short meditation, and use a protection prayer! I keep my connection with the spirits open until we are completely done with questions at the end as well in case there are any additional messages for you! I truly believe positive intention and having an open mind is extremely important before, during, and even after the reading for both myself and my client! I strive to create a very unique experience for you!

"Reading with Amunta was a positive experience - one I’d recommend. I found it to be an incite full experience, very affirming. "

Rachel Suaimhneas

"Amunta did my reading and it was so accurate and on point. It made me cry. It was beautiful and I was blessed to be able to receive the message sent to me. I did not know her before this reading, she knew nothing about me. She is the Real Deal!"

Rebecca Sue

"This was my first reading and I am blown away! The info she was able to channel was crazy accurate! I have been given a gift as well as welcomed advice from my ancestors on the other side! None of this would have been possible without the talented Amunta Schubert! I highly recommend her!"

Halima LaPlante

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